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“Every child is GENIUS; EXPOSURE and OPPORTUNITY makes the difference ”. Realising this, to channelize a child’s energy positively  into right direction;  I, Mrs. Vrushali Tere with my  husband, Mr. Sandesh Tere  started “KnowHow Learning” at Vasai.

Our parent business is “Duratech Automation Pvt. ltd.”  where we manufacture printing machines. We have around 1000 satisfied customers all over India and abroad.  While working on “Embedded Systems Software” in this printing automation company since 2006, I came up with a thought that even after doing “Engineering”; most of the things were learnt only after its practical implementation.

In the year 2009, after the birth of our son Master Avaneesha Tere, the thought that, “Our son if he also has to follow the same monotonous way of education, he will also become the same”;  it shook us up. We thought , instead of only blaming the education system;  why not find a way out to make education easier and enjoyable ? So we came up with a decision and the thing we believe in  - “LEARNING BY DOING”.

Our main concept,




Based on the school syllabus; we have 450 to 500 learning tools in subjects like  Science, Mathematics, Robotics, Geography, Architecture, Aero modeling, E.V.S and many such subjects. These learning tools will make the understanding of the subjects to the students easier and also it may develop more interest in them for the particular subject.

While visiting someone or while going to a birthday party ; most of us gift the kids either chocolates or remote games or any other such things…. Our answer is a Learning Gift – the gift that teaches…..

      We have partnership with Lego Education; a Denmark based brand with it’s presence in  over 80 countries worldwide for imparting Curriculum based Hands on Learning to children in Science, Maths,  EVS, Robotics with brand name Robogenius. The curriculum is developed by Carnegie Mellon and MIT University, USA. Robotics is the upcoming technology based on STEM concept - The Science, Technology, Engineering And  Mathematics Learning. Our students get benefited with  LEGO's knowledge base and product quality excellence.


I would like to share the opportunities in marketing, teaching, syllabus development with all those who "LOVE" children especially with educated home makers who wish to balance career and child growing responsibilities. The opportunities involve both learning [ for child ] and earning [ for his mother].


Let’s co-operate each other for making education easier and enjoyable to children ……..

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