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Our parent company Duratech Automation Pvt. Ltd. is into Development and Manufacturing of Printing Machines since 2002. While working, we realized the need to connect the academic knowledge to real world.
STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics] Education is the gateway between Science and it’s Real World Application. Moreover, STEM is the most useful tool to find solutions to Real World Problems faced by mankind all over the world.
The success of Indian Origin Students in global competitions like Google Science Fair, which inspires students to Observe a problem seen around and Explore ideas to find a solution; emphasizes the fact that Indian students staying abroad get STEM Exposure, Opportunity and Environment since childhood.

STEM Environment involves “Learning By Doing” methodology which encourages a child to Understand, Apply, Analyze and Create on his own. We need such Creative Thinkers today who will be transform into “MAKERS” instead of “FOLLOWERS”.
To foster this “MAKERS” attitude in ourYoung Indian Talent, “Knowhow Learning” is engaged in development of various STEM educational tools and imparting STEM based education to school children from grade 2 to 10 since 2011.


Channelizing Child's Energy Positively
Through Hands-On Experience
To Make Education Easier & Enjoyable


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